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jeffrey jacob

Jeffrey Jacob is currently Chairman of the Board and CEO of Cancer Prevention Pharmaceuticals  He has created several technology-based startup companies and supported the expansion of existing companies in both the physical and life sciences, including Systems Medicine Inc., a startup company applying systems biology, predictive pharmacogenomics, and clinical trial design innovations to the development of new cancer drugs. He was also involved in the founding of the Critical Path Institute and served as a Senior Vice President at Research Corporation Technologies.


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peter barton hutt

Peter Barton Hutt is a senior counsel in the Washington, DC law firm of Covington & Burling LLP, specializing in Food and Drug Law. Mr. Hutt is a member of the National Academy of Medicine is a member of the Board of Directors of the Critical Path Institute.  From 1971 to 1975 Mr. Hutt was Chief Counsel for the Food and Drug Administration. During his tenure as FDA Chief Counsel, Mr. Hutt led the transformation of the agency from outdated law enforcement to modern administrative law.

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jack dean, ph.d.

Dr. Jack Dean Retired from 18 year tenure at Sanofi-Aventis and its legacy companies where he served as President, U.S. Science and Medical Affairs, for Sanofi-Aventis, and as Global Director of Preclinical Development. Long career in developing and commercializing biotech and pharma technologies with experience in drug safety, drug development, regulatory strategy and immunotoxicology.


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Steve Arneric, ph.d.

Dr. Stephen P. Arneric is a pharmaceutical scientist and leader with a proven track record in delivering differentiated therapeutics. His experience spans more than 25 years of large pharma (Abbott, Lilly, Pharmacia, & Pfizer), biotechnology (DuPont Pharmaceuticals, Neuromed Pharmaceuticals), and academic service (University of Iowa, Cornell Medical College, Southern Illinois University School of Medicine), resulting in over 30 drug candidates entering into clinical development to treat pain and psychiatric and urological disorders. His Launched Product Development experience includes the following: Exalgo™ , Esreboxetine , Dynastat™ , Lyrica™ (neuropathic pain), Cymbalta™ and Detrol™ .