Meredith Hay, PhD

ProNeurogen President & Board Chair
Professor of Physiology, Psychology and McKnight Brain Institute, University of Arizona
Tucson, AZ

Dr. Hay joined ProNeurogen's board of directors in 2014. She is the original founder of the company and an inventor of the technologies. She has over 30 years of experience in neuroscience and is an expert in cardiovascular neuropharmacology.

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Gillian Thackray, Esq

Vice President & Associate General Counsel, Global Chief Intellectual Property Counsel, The Clorox Company
Berkeley, CA

Ms. Thackray is an award-winning lawyer who protects the rights of some of the world’s most high-tech innovators. Her multi-faceted approach integrates law, business, and practicality to help clients reach their goals. She is registered to practice at the USPTO, and admitted in California.



Tamara R Crockett, Esq.

In-House Counsel, Accenture, plt.
Tucson, AZ

Ms. Crockett joined the board of directors in 2014. Tamara is an attorney with 25+ years experience in technology development and commercialization.  She is licensed in the states of NY, MA, DC and AZ.



Elizabeth Hocking, Esq.

 Retired, Argonne National Laboratory, USA
Washington, D.C. 

Ms. Hocking joined the board of directors in 2015. Ms. Hocking has over 30 years of experience as a federal policy analyst and currently serves as ProNeurogen’s Board Secretary.